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Check out what some of our clients have to say about Chingon Fitness. 


“At first I was intimidated, but my friend kept insisting I go and I have to admit I am glad I did.  Yes the workouts are insane, but they are so much fun!  They have done a great job of tailoring workouts for me while pushing me to the next level. ”​
Michael Mandel, Entertainment Manager​


“Aaron is a great coach!  He makes sure that I push a little harder than I thought I could.  I always leave feeling a bit proud of myself.  He adapts the workouts to any fitness level and provides motivation from start to finish.  Aaron rocks!”​
Murphy Hebert, Communciations Director of the House Democratic Caucus


“I have an absolute blast working out at Chingon Fitness! The workouts are always challenging, but it's always different and fun.  The staff is amazing and I am always excited for my workout sessions at Chingon Fitness."​
Emily Malave, Community Relations Consultant


“I have always been in good shape, but the coaches at Chingon Fitness have pushed me to new levels to enhance my power and stamina.  I couldn't be happier and it is definitely something I look forward to each week.”​
Lawrence Robinson, Attorney at Law


“Aaron is a fantastic trainer.  He doesn't adopt the drill sergeant style, but still is very good at motivating you to push your limits.  The advantage is also the on-hand diet and nutrition advice when you the most important part is learning what you should and should not be putting into your body and for what reason.  That coupled critiquing makes his services the best available in this area.”​
Monica Nowakowski, Marketing Director​


“I recently began training with Aaron.  I've known the guy for a few years now, and I assumed that things were going to be fun, yet serious.  My assumptions were correct!  Aaron did a great job of keeping things exciting, and he really did a great job of customizing the workout to my experience and physical levels.  I will be working out with him on a weekly basis!  Expect for everything to hurt the following day, what a good burn!”​
Dragan Daubenmier, Real Estate Agent​


“It's always a blast and I want to thank the staff for guiding me through my fitness journey, as I know I complain and moan. But the coaches stick by my side and guide me through my sessions, allowing me to push through it and achieve my fitness goals."​
Mary Montano, ML Montano Consultants

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